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contimg_00Is your child being challenged to love God and love learning?

contimg_01Your support impacts students, families, and our community in Christ's name.

Offering Grades Pre-K - 12 & Homeschool Umbrella K - 8

Classical Education

We teach utilizing the classical method, equipping your child with the ability to think and learn for himself by empowering him with the tools of learning. A classical education is liberal-arts based teaching, founded on the history, philosophy, culture and languages of Western civilization.

Christian Worldview

At the heart of our school and its culture is the heart of Christ and the teaching of God’s Word. This means our students receive more than an education. They receive the joy and salvation brought by leading a Christ-centered life.

Family Emphasis

We consider ourselves an extension of your family unit. Our program is structured in such a way as to foster and support your family relationship and strong parental involvement.

Proven Results

Our methods of instruction are proven to be successful. Paideia Academy students of all ages have strong academic test scores. More importantly, your child will be encouraged to cultivate a grace-filled spiritual life.