Welcome to Paideia Academy

Doug Carr Admissions Director


interim head of school

Are you curious about classical Christian education?

I’d love to help your family learn about the difference a classical Christian school can make.

Our mission at Paideia Academy is to assist you in your duty to bring up your child in the training and admonition of the Lord by providing academic instruction that is distinctly Christ-centered and classical in a challenging and nurturing environment.

Because our school, and classical education in general, is unique, we invite you to schedule a visit and come see for yourself the wonderful effects that this remarkable and life-changing educational model can have on your children.

During the tour, you will see lower school students light up as they get to share memory work from Bible passages, our history timeline, beautiful poetry, and many other songs and chants from Grammar, Science, Latin, History, and other subjects.

As we continue our walk, you’ll hear from our upper school students about Latin, Logic, Rhetoric, and Omnibus. What are these classes, you may wonder? Come and listen to our students explain their integrated study of History, Great Books, and Apologetics, and how Socratic discussion from a Christ-centered worldview helps them develop a deeper faith and understanding of God, themselves, and all of His marvelous creation.

Finally, you’ll see the backdrop of the fine arts as students prepare for upcoming theatre productions and display art projects and drawings. You may even hear the sound of our band and music classes, as well as the joyful play in PE and hall sports.

If this sounds like something you’d like to experience up close, I invite you to schedule your tour today. I look forward to meeting you in person to answer any questions you might have and to show you the difference a classical and Christ-centered education can make in the life of your child.


By His Grace,


Doug Carr Admissions Director


head of school