School Profile

Our mission at Paideia Academy is to assist parents and students by utilizing the classical tools of learning integrated with a distinctly Christian worldview in a challenging and nurturing environment.

We employ proven classical and Christian methods and curricula modeled on the medieval Trivium. The goal is to educate students not in what to think primarily, but in how to think thoroughly, maturely, and biblically.

Core Omnibus Program | Students in grades 7-12 are provided a historically substantive and rigorous liberal arts education that draws deeply from the history and culture of Western Civilization. They are socratically led in the study of the Great Books, consisting of two cycles through the ancient, medieval, and modern time periods.

Ancient Languages | Latin 2nd-10th grades, New Testament Greek 11th-12th grades.


Graduation Requirements

Bible - 4 credits
Math - 4 credits
English - 4 credits
Science - 4 credits
History - 4 credits
Classical Language - 4 credits
Rhetoric - 2 credits
Logic - 1 credit
Art or Theatre - 1-2 credits
P.E., Music - 1 credit each
Junior Thesis - 1 credit
Senior Seminar - 1 credit

Theology, Literature, and History | Omnibus III: Modern, U.S., and British I, Omnibus IV: Ancient World II, Omnibus V: Medieval World II, Omnibus VI: Modern, U.S. and British II

Rhetoric | Rhetoric I & II, Junior Thesis, Senior Seminar

Logic | Logic I

Mathematics | Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Statistics or Calculus

Science | Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Advanced Physics or Psychology and Environmental Science

Foreign Language | Advanced Latin II & III, New Testament Greek I & II

Fine Arts | Music History and Appreciation, Art Design and Techniques, Theatre

National Achievement

Average ACT Scores:

  • English, 30
  • Math, 27
  • Reading, 29
  • Science, 26
  • Composite, 28

Average CLT Scores:

  • Verbal Reasoning, 31
  • Grammar/Writing, 30
  • Quantitative Reasoning, 26
  • Total Average Score, 87

CLT National Commended: 1
CLT Regional Commended: 2
National Merit Finalists: 1

Hall Model

Our hall or “house” model is primarily a cultus virtutis (a culture of virtue). Students are divided into six halls, each with its own colors and ceremonial practices. The halls provide students with a setting for spiritual, academic, and relational growth. The halls:

  • Cultivate classical virtues
  • Promote student relationships across grade levels
  • Provide avenues for student body leadership
  • Participate in intramural athletic competitions
  • Integrate community service
  • Engage in debate and symposium presentations

Junior Thesis • Guilds • Senior Seminar

Junior Thesis | Junior year students choose a specialized field of interest, explore the philosophical and historical foundations of that field, and organize their research into a 20-40 page thesis.

Guilds and Senior Seminar | Throughout junior and senior year, students engage with the local community through student internships in a mentor-directed guild program. Throughout this process, students intern in a vocation of their choice and receive guidance from their mentors in creating a project of their own in this field. Throughout these two years, students work on this project in conjunction with their mentors for a minimum total of 75 hours. Opportunities will culminate in a project (senior speech act), which is a year-long activity dedicated to creating and living out the written thesis from the junior year.

Omnibus Great Books Sequence

Our Omnibus program is an integration of history, literature, philosophy, and theology. These courses are taught at or above honors level course work.

Senior Readings

Paradise Lost, Foundational American Documents, Common Sense, Democracy in America, Emma, Hamlet, John Adams, Battle Cry of Freedom, All Quiet on the Western Front, Citizen Soldiers, Letter From a Birmingham Jail, The Picture of Dorian Gray, To Kill a Mockingbird, That Hideous Strength, Covenant and God’s Purpose for the World.

Junior Readings

The City of God, The Consolation of Philosophy, Chronicle of the Kings of England, The Divine Comedy, Don Quixote, Heidelberg Catechism, Here I Stand, Institutes of the Christian Religion, The Great Divorce, Othello, Complete Poems of George Herbert, The Koran, The Praise of Folly, Martin Luther: Selections from His Writings, The Prince, Romeo and Juliet, Summa Theologica.

Sophomore Readings

The Iliad, Knowing God, How to Read and Understand the Biblical Prophets, The Peloponnesian War, The Servant King: The Bible’s Portrait of the Messiah, Isaiah, The Hippocratic Oath, Bacchae, Clouds, The Republic, Desiring God, Nichomachean Ethics, Day of Atonement, The Apocrypha, The War with Hannibal, Psalms, The Psalter Reclaimed: Praying and Praising with the Psalms, The Augustus Caesar’s World, Antony and Cleopatra, On the Nature of Things, Second Philippic, On Duties, Annals of Imperial Rome, Eclogues, Georgics, The Jewish War, Metamorphoses, Meditations, Plutarch’s Lives, The Apostolic Fathers, Phantases.

Freshman Readings

Westminster Confession, Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, The Pilgrim’s Progress, Frankenstein, Of Plymouth Plantation, Pride and Prejudice, The Social Contract, Benjamin Franklin, Foundational American Documents, Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers, Christianity and Liberalism, Revolution in France, Tale of Two Cities, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, The Killer Angels, Slave Narratives, Lincoln’s Speeches, Philemon, The Communist Manifesto, Animal Farm, The Great Gatsby, Death of a Salesman.

8th Grade Readings

Delighting in the Trinity, Beowulf, On the Bondage of the Will, The Canterbury Tales, Confessions, Ecclesiastical History of the English People, Eusebius: The Church History, History of the Kings of Britain, Macbeth, On the Incarnation of Our Lord, Rule of St. Benedict, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, The Song of Roland, Henry V, King Richard III, The Lord of the Rings, The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

7th Grade Readings

The Aeneid, The Orestia Trilogy, Codes of Hammurabi and Moses, Gilgamesh, The Histories, Julius Caesar, The Last Days of Socrates, The Odyssey, The Oedipus Trilogy, The Best Things in Life, The Unaborted Socrates, Chosen by God, Eagle of the Ninth, The Holiness of God, The Screwtape Letters, Till We Have Faces.

College Acceptances

*Colleges and universities attended by our graduates

Anderson University*
Appalachian State University
Asbury University
Belhaven University
Belmont University
Berry College*
Bethlehem College
Birmingham Southern College*
Boyce College
Calvin University
Carson Newman University
Cedarville University
Covenant College*
East Tennessee State University
Eastern University
Erskine College
Flagler College
Florida Southern College*
Furman University
George Mason University*

Georgia Institute of Technology*
Gordon College*
Grove City College
Hope College*
Impact 360*
Johnson University*
The King’s College (New York)
Lander University
Lee University
Liberty University
Lincoln Memorial University
Lipscomb University
Louisiana State University
Louisiana Tech University
Mars Hill University
Maryville College*
Middle Tennessee State University
Mississippi College
Mississippi State University*
Montreat College
North Greenville University*
Pellissippi State Community College*

Reformation Bible College*
Roane State Community College*
Samford University*
The Savannah College of Art and Design
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Tennessee Tech University*
Union University*
United States Air Force Academy*
University of Alabama
University of Kentucky
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
University of Memphis*
University of South Carolina
University of South Florida
University of Tampa
University of Tennessee*
University of Tennessee, Chattanooga*
University of Tennessee, Martin
Virginia Polytechnic Institute*
Warren Wilson College
Wheaton College*
Wingate University