Tuition & Fees

Application Fee

A $250 application fee is due with each new family application. All application fees are non-refundable.

2024-2025 Tuition

Grade 2024-25 Tuition 3% Discount if Paid in Full by March 1 1.5% Discount if Paid in Full by June 1 12 Monthly Payments
PK4-12th (Child 1)  $9,870.00 $9,573.90 $9,721.95 $822.50
PK4-12th (Child 2) $9,370.00 $9,088.90 $9,229.45 $780.83
PK4-12th (Child 3) $8,870.00 $8,603.90 $8,736.95 $739.17
PK4-12th (Child 4) $8,370.00 $8,118.90 $8,244.45 $697.50
Univ Schedule (K) $9,564.00 $9,277.08 $9,420.54 $797.00
Univ Schedule (PK4) $9,564.00 $9,277.08 $9,420.54 $797.00

Field Trips, Events, School Supplies and Co-curricular program fees will be additional. Paideia Academy does not charge additional fees for books, although Omnibus students are encouraged to purchase their own copies of their reading books. Uniforms and supplies are purchased separately.

A Multi-child Discount of $500 will be applied for the 2nd child and each subsequent child. The fifth child will be free.

Tuition Assistance

We encourage any family that is concerned about their ability to afford a Paideia education to apply for tuition assistance.

Paideia offers need-based financial assistance to families on a first-come first-served basis. Levels of tuition assistance offered will depend on several factors, including total (gross) family income, number of family members, number of children enrolled at Paideia, and any additional extenuating financial circumstances. It is expected that families will pursue every other means of financial assistance (family, other scholarship funds, etc.) prior to applying for aid directly from Paideia Academy. Application is made to FACTS Grant & Aid online after a student has been accepted for enrollment.

Please check with the office for application requirements and deadlines.


School uniforms are purchased separately. A detailed list of specific clothing items and suppliers for these uniforms may be obtained from the school office or in your FACTS Resource Documents. Land’s End (Preferred School Number: 900097445and Aplus Uniforms are the vendors for the primary items in the uniform list; shoes and accessories may be purchased wherever desired.