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Robust Academics in a Vibrant Community

Many parents are looking for a school with robust academics, but they also want a safe, nurturing environment that their students will enjoy. Can education be rigorous and still be fun?

At Paideia Academy, we set the bar high. We want to help parents and students get the most out of their education. Things like recognizing that all truth is God’s truth. And that as image-bearers, we have a call to grow in the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. God created us to delight in Him, so we seek to teach your child how to love Him and love learning about the marvelous world He made.

Our Grammar students enjoy being challenged in a vibrant, nurturing environment. From outdoor science labs to poetry recitations, they love creating and exploring! Whether it’s math, Latin, writing, or history, the students are excited and enthusiastic about their studies.

Upper School students are immersed in the Great Conversation with classic thinkers from literature, science, math, history, and theology. Using the Socratic method with round-table discussions and hands-on discovery, they learn how to reason, test, and communicate ideas. In addition, they view the issues through the lens of Scripture to see God at work in His world.

What Our Students are Saying

“I like Latin because it feels like a puzzle. When I first figured out Latin, it was really mind-blowing!”
Camryn, Class of 2023

“We get to interact with our teachers and our fellow students to debate the topics we’re studying. We get to voice our own opinions, and we get to help each other out.”
Jacob, Class of 2020

How can you learn more?

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ABBIE & MARY | class of 2020