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Applying to Paideia

Thank you for your continued interest in Paideia Academy.  We encourage families to begin this admissions procedure as promptly as possible as some of our classes may fill up.

All of the forms and documents mentioned below are provided in the admissions packet you will receive when you visit the school.

Admission Procedure

1. You should visit our school to help answer your questions about classical Christian education in general or about Paideia in particular.

2. Pray for the Lord's guidance in this decision for your family.

3. Complete the Application for Admission and other applicable documents and return them to the school office with a $100.00 per child non-refundable registration fee ($200.00 maximum per family). Application fees will not be applied towards tuition.

4. A Pastor Recommendation form must be completed by your pastor. This form must be submitted to Paideia prior to the family interview.

5. Upon receipt of your completed admissions documents and application fee, the office will contact you to schedule student assessments and a family interview with the headmaster.

6. Math, reading, and writing entrance assessments will be administered as part of the admissions process to determine the student's aptitude in basic academic skills. 

7. At the interview, the family's questions about Paideia will be answered, and the school's expectations will be clarified. Each parent and applying student(s) must participate in the family interview.

8. The school will contact the parents with the decision regarding acceptance. If accepted, the family will receive a Letter of Acceptance and an Enrollment Contract.

9. The Enrollment Contract must be signed and returned to the school with the Enrollment Deposit (one-twelfth of the total tuition obligation for the family). All financial arrangements between the family and the school must be clearly understood before the admissions process is considered final.

Admission Requirements for Students

1. Generally, a child should reach the age of four (4) years by June 1st of the year in which he is applying to the Pre-K program and the age of five (5) years by June 1st of the year in which he enters Kindergarten at Paideia. All children applying for admission to Kindergarten must perform satisfactorily on the Paideia Kindergarten Entrance Assessment.

2. Generally, a child who has not completed Kindergarten at Paideia should reach the age of six (6) years by June 1st of the year in which he enters first grade at Paideia.

3. If a child has successfully completed the previous school year, he will generally proceed to the next grade level. New students will be assessed individually so that they can be challenged with curricula appropriate to their needs and abilities.

4. The child should understand that his parents have delegated their authority to Paideia Academy while the child is in school. He is therefore subject to instruction and discipline of the teachers and staff while at school.

Admission Requirements for Parents

1. During the family interview with the headmaster at least one parent must be willing and able to clearly articulate a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Both parents should have a clear understanding of the biblical philosophy and functioning of Paideia Academy. Both parents must read the Foundational Beliefs and accept that it constitutes the doctrinal beliefs of the school and that its truths will be purposefully and clearly taught to their children who are enrolled at Paideia Academy. These matters will be reviewed in the personal interview.

2. The parents must be willing to cooperate with the policies of the School Board. This is most important in the areas of discipline and schoolwork.

3. Parents must understand the school's commitment to parental responsibility for their child's education. Paideia Academy exists to assist parents in the task of educating their children, not to take over responsibility for the education of their children.

4. Prior to final admission of the student(s), both parties should clearly understand the financial arrangements between the school and the parents.

Application Checklist

The following documents must be submitted for each student before your application can be processed:

• Completed Application for Admission
• Completed Supplemental Admissions Questionnaire
• Pastor Recommendation Form
• $100 per student ($200 per family maximum) application fee.
• A copy of the most recent standardized test scores for each student applying (e.g. Stanford Achievement Test or Iowa Test of Basic Skills, etc.)
• A copy of the report cards from the three most recent grading terms for each student applying.
• A portfolio of the student's recent academic work for each student applying for 1st grade or above (two recent math assignments, two recent writing assignments, and a list of recent books read).
• Two Letters of Recommendation must be completed by teachers and/or administrators from the most recent school attended (preferably one teacher and one administrator).
• Academic Records Request with a parent's signature.
• Copy of the student's birth certificate
• Current Knox County immunization record (original copy)