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Tuition & Fees

Application Fee

$100.00 application fee per student ($200.00 per family maximum) is due with each new family application. All application fees are non-refundable.



2018-19  Tuition

3% Discount If Paid in Full by Deadline

12 Monthly Payments

Pre-K (2-day)




K – 3rd (3-day)




K – 6th (5-day)




7th – 12th 





Paideia Academy does not charge additional book fees, although Omnibus students are encouraged to purchase their own copies of their reading books. Class field trips are included in tuition fees, but co-curricular program fees may be additional.

Large Family Discount

4th Tuition = 50 percent off

5th Tuition and over = Free

Tuition Assistance

We encourage any family that is concerned about their ability to afford a Paideia education to apply for tuition assistance.


School uniforms and school supplies are purchased separately. A detailed list of specific clothing items and suppliers/vendors for the Paideia Academy student uniforms may be obtained from the school office. Certain uniform items must be purchased from the designated suppliers (Land's End and Educational Outfitters) and other items may be purchased wherever desired.