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Application Instructions

Welcome to Paideia Academy's online application system for admissions.

Application Procedure for New Families:

1) Complete the online application in Sycamore


In Sycamore, use the tabs on the left to move through each section, tracking your progress with the road map on the right-hand side of the Home page. Completing each section as thoroughly as possible will prevent your application from being delayed.  The office will update your checklist as each step is completed.

Be sure to click the SUBMIT or UPDATE button in the upper left corner of each screen before proceeding to the next section. In the Essay Questions tab, you'll have to scroll up to the top of the page to find this button. If you don't click the button, it won't save your answers to the form. You may want to scroll up and click SUBMIT after you answer each question; a few families have lost their answers when the program has timed out.

If you prefer, you may OMIT the following items at this time: Non-Guardian Emergency Contact (under Family Contact Tab), all information in the Family Medical Tab, and upload of student photo. We can collect this information later if your student is enrolled.

NOTE: For your child's grade level, please select the grade just completed. Generally, a child should reach the age of four years by June 1st of the year in which he is applying to the Pre-K program and the age of five years by June 1st of the year in which he enters Kindergarten at Paideia. If applying to Pre-K, select PK3 as your child's current grade level. If applying to Kindergarten, select PreK.

2) Submit your application fee payment.


Your non-refundable application fee of $100 per student ($200 family maximum) is due before your application can be processed or your next steps scheduled.

3) Print the required recommendation forms.

  • Academic Records Request - Complete the bottom half, sign, and upload to your portal (see 4 below).
  • Pastor Recommendation Form - Fill in the parent section, then give it to your pastor or referring spiritual leader at your church. The pastor will submit it directly to the school when completed.
  • Teacher Recommendation Form (need 2 per student) - Fill in the parent section, then distribute to your children's teachers for recommendations. They will submit it directly to the school when completed. For very young children or homeschooled children who don't have previous school teachers, a Sunday school teacher, sports coach, music or dance instructor, or other adult who has served in a teaching role with the child may refer.

4) Upload the required documents.

The following documents must be included for each student for your application to be processed. Without these documents, your application will remain on hold. You may upload these under the Student Documents Tab.

  • Academic Records Request with a parent's signature (see 3 above)*
  • Most recent standardized test scores*
  • Report cards from the three most recent grading terms*
  • Portfolio of the student's recent academic work (two recent math assignments, two recent writing assignments, and a list of recent books read)*
  • Copy of the student's Long Form Birth Certificate
  • Recently dated Knox County immunization record

*Rising PreK or Kindergarten students may omit these items - only the birth certificate and immunization record are needed from this list.

If you have trouble uploading, it is probably your file size. Try this image re-sizer: https://www.reduceimages.com/

If you are unable to upload these documents, you may mail, email, or bring copies of these items to the school office.

5) Complete your submission.

Once you have finished steps 1-4 above, please submit the following to notify us that your application is complete.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

After your application information has been reviewed, the school office will contact you to schedule your student assessment and family interview.

For more information on the admissions process, please review the admissions section of our main web page.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our school office or your admissions representative.

Important Summer Dates:

For summer applicants applying for the upcoming school year, please be advised that completing the admissions process early in the summer helps ensure that your student has the appropriate books, uniforms, and supplies by the start of school.

  • School Office Hours - M-Th 9AM - Noon (closed week of July 2)
  • June 4 - July 27 - Weekly Summer Camps
  • June 23 - Uniform Consignment Sale
  • June 30 - School Supplies order deadline
  • July 7 - Upper School Blazer order deadline
  • July 16 - New Moms Meeting
  • July 20 - Spiritwear / Intramural Uniform deadline
  • July 31 - Upper School (7th-12th) Parent Orientation
  • August 2 - Grammar School (PreK-6th) Parent Orientation
  • August 3 - Back to School Picnic
  • August 6 - First Day of School