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University Schedule

Grades K-3 may choose a 5-day program or a 3-day university schedule option that involves a combination of classroom and at-home instruction each week, with parent-friendly lesson plans and materials completely provided for the at-home days. These students are on the Paideia Academy campus on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and in your at-home satellite campus on Tuesday and Thursday. Fourth grade and up are on a full five-day schedule only.

All new concepts are introduced and taught at school by the Paideia Academy faculty. Your emphasis at home is on practice and application of these concepts taught in the classroom. Complete lesson plans and materials are supplied for the home days in all core subjects, such as phonics, grammar, Bible, math, history, science, reading, spelling, and handwriting. Art and music instruction is provided at school. No supplementing is necessary to impart your young student with a solid academic foundation, although you are welcome to add any materials which are of particular interest to you and your child. All grading and record-keeping is also done by the school.

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