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Paideia students of all ages have strong academic test scores. Our graduates are going to the colleges of their choice, often at top scholarship levels. But we feel our greatest measure of success is that they are well prepared for these next steps and are finding that the roots of their faith continue to deepen instead of withering away once they leave home.

Though the only school of its kind in the Knoxville area when it began in 2004, Paideia Academy is part of a larger movement—classical Christian education—that is enjoying somewhat of a resurgence nationwide. The Association of Classical and Christian Schools (ACCS), through which Paideia Academy is seeking accreditation, currently has more than 250 member schools serving over 50,000 students.  These schools are being recognized academically as institutions with excellent test results and exceptional college-preparatory programs.  Before the ACCS had a body of school-performance data for its members, Gene Edward Veith, Jr. and Andrew Kern wrote in their book Classical Education: The Movement Sweeping America (Capital Research Center, 2001), “By all available measurements, the ACCS program is an astonishing success.”  Current data would seem to support this early endorsement.

However, our goal is not simply to be college-preparatory. We want to be kingdom-minded, preparing your child to be a critical thinker and able communicator who is capable of engaging the culture with Christ and His gospel throughout his or her life.

Jay & Nancy, Paideia Parents
[Jay] "Our daughter spent a week at the Great Ideas Institute at Samford as a summer program. When Nancy came to pick her up, she was called in to meet with the director. He told her that during the week the students had looked at 30 pieces of literature and that our daughter had already read 28 of them. He said not only had she read them, she had digested them and answered questions on them." [Nancy] "The director said he'd never had this happen before. He asked about her school so I told him about Paideia and that we're not your average cookie-cutter Christian school. He said, 'That's what we like!' She's since been chosen to the University Fellows program there."

Cory, Paideia Graduate
"My experience at Paideia has been one of growth, joy, trials, friendship, and learning. I have been equipped here to pursue whatever direction the Lord in his sovereignty chooses to lead me. And I have been taught the value of being raised in a Christian environment with men and women who truly love God and love learning."