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We consider ourselves an extension of your family unit. Our program is structured in such a way as to foster and support your family relationship and strong parental involvement.

At the core of our philosophy of education is the conviction that parents are ultimately responsible for the education of their children. We strive to support the family and respect parental authority and responsibility in all we do. Paideia believes in the concept of “in loco parentis” - in the place of the parent. We see ourselves as subcontractors; the parents are the contractors – the ones who are responsible for getting the job done. Therefore, we want parents who are deeply engaged in their children's education.

Excellent communication between parents and teachers is key. We want to communicate well with you and in turn ask that you communicate well with us. We also want families who will be plugged into the culture and community of the school. Our close-knit community is part of what makes Paideia so special.

In addition we offer an option for grades K-3 whose parents prefer a 3-day university schedule format. This involves a combination of classroom and at-home instruction each week, with parent-friendly lesson plans and materials completely provided for the at-home days.