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A classical education is a conscious return to the ancient goal of education: to teach children to think and learn for themselves by imparting to them the tools of learning. At its heart, our school’s education is liberal arts focused and founded on the history, philosophy, culture, and languages of Western civilization.

By utilizing proven methods and curriculum, our classical approach enables students to become critical thinkers and able communicators. We equip students with the tools of learning that enable them to master anything in life.

Far Beyond Vocational

The Liberal Arts approach at Paideia Academy goes far beyond the vocational, technical and professional training of most contemporary education. Our classical, Christian education addresses the heart and soul of a student as well as the mind.

The student’s whole person is shaped as they interact with great thinkers and writers of our past. A school focusing on classical education cultivates the timeless virtues of truth, goodness, beauty, wisdom, and eloquence.

The substance of classical education is the liberal arts curriculum. Liberal comes from the Latin word "liber," meaning "free." To the ancient Greeks and Romans, free citizens required an education that cultivated their minds and equipped them to contribute to their society in a positive way. Medieval scholars expanded this idea by seeing these liberal arts as preparation not only to create rich minds and souls for this life, but also to cultivate citizens in God's eternal kingdom.

Much of contemporary education has turned away from this pursuit. In her 1940's essay entitled, "The Lost Tools of Learning," Oxford scholar Dorothy Sayers remarks, "Is it not the great defect of our education today that although we often succeed in teaching our pupils 'subjects,' we fail lamentably on the whole in teaching them how to think? They learn everything, except the art of learning."


Our elementary education emphasizes core knowledge of each subject through intensive instruction in phonics and reading, development of key writing skills, and mastery of language arts, math, and science.

As students mature into middle and high school the focus shifts to critical thinking, effective communication, and analysis of great ideas across all subjects.

This kind of education has produced many great leaders and thinkers throughout the centuries.

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